Time Warp of the Future BBS

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League 10 BBS (telnet links & the ibbs game & games node list)

BBS's that use qwk networking :

Tempest Fury BBS

Killed in Action BBS - at this point getting no league games / messages

Land of Mysticism

Battlestar BBS


Digital Distortion

Electronic Warfare BBS

The Eagle's Nest 89

The Undermine

Section One BBS



Battlestar Atlantis

BBS's that use both (messages one way and game pack another way) :

None at this Time

BBS's that use FTN :

Two Dudes BBS temp. down - hopes to be back - under a new name and address (7/21/20)

CoCo Draconian - at this point getting no league games - offline

Shurato's Heavenly Sphere

Anarchy BBS

Local Yocal BBS

Canadian Rebel BBS

Mystic Dreams

Throwback BBS

Thunder Storm

Blackfair's Manor


The Horizon BBS

Starship Junkyard

Central Ontario Remote

Phoenix BBS    (League 10 Hub)

Bit & Bytes BBS

Raiders Inc BBS    (League 10 Hub)

Stepping Stone BBS    messages \ games

Region 15 HQ    (League 10 Hub)

Colorado Springs Central Net

StarBase Discovery

StarBase Alpha

StarBase Beta

League 10 Links