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The Othernets List
Compiled by Sean Dennis
Updated 17 February 2009 at 0217 Eastern Standard Time

If you see +++ NEED MORE INFORMATION! +++ next to a network name, that means I
need more information about that network and if you can help me fill in the
blanks, I'd appreciate it! To contact me, see the bottom of the list.

+- t h e o t h e r n e t s l i s t ----------------------------------------+

*** AdultNet +++ NEED MORE INFORMATION! +++
Network's full name: AdultNet
Zone number: 801
Date created (if known):
Network "theme":
Network website (if available):
Contact for more info:

*** AdventureNet (FTN)
Network's full name: AdventureNet
Zone number: 33
Network "theme": General
Network website: http://www.kofobbs.dk/adventurenet/
Contact for more info: Gert Koefoed Andersen @ 2:236/150

*** AmigaNet (FTN)
Network's full name: AmigaNet
Zone number: 39
Network "theme": Commodore Amiga OS, Software, and hardware
Contact for more info: North America: Frank Linhares@1:250/501
Rest of World: Wilfre van Velzen@2:280/464

*** BattleNet +++ NEED MORE INFORMATION! +++
Network's full name: BattleNet
Zone number: 169
Date created (if known):
Network "theme":
Network website (if available):
Contact for more info:

*** ComputerNet +++ NEED MORE INFORMATION! +++
Network's full name: ComputerNet
Zone number: 37
Date created (if known):
Network "theme": Computer/BBS
Network website (if available):
Contact for more info: Matt Kraner @ 1:226/160

*** DBNet (FTN)
Network's full name: DBNet
Zone number: 201
Network "theme": Official D'Bridge Support Network
Network website: www.nickandre.com
Contact for more info: Nick Andre at foxmulder4055@hotmail.com or
netmail at 1:229/426@Fidonet.

*** Ezynet (FTN)
Network's full name: Ezynet
Zone number:
Network "theme": Ezycom BBS Support
Contact for more info: Stephen Gibbs
Notes: This network is exclusively for Ezycom BBS sysops and you must be
            running Ezycom BBS in order to join.

*** Gatornet (FTN/QWK)
Network's full name: Gatornet
Zone number: 69
Date created (if known):
Network "theme": General
Network website (if available):
Contact for more info: Timothy Cornett
Notes: Gatornet is down at this time.

*** ILink (FTN/QWK/NNTP)
Network's full name: ILink
Zone number: 454
Date created (if known): February 1986
Network "theme": General
Network website (if available): http://www.techware.dynip.com/public/ilink/index.htm
Contact for more info: Barry.Martin@techware.dynip.com or Michael.Luko@verizon.net
Notes: FTN, QWK and NNTP feeds available

*** JustaXNet (FTN)
Network's full name: JustaXNet
Zone number: 510
Network "theme": General
Network website: www.justaxnet.com
Contact for more info: Gert Koefoed Andersen @ 2:236/150

*** League 10 (FTN/QWK)
Network's full name: League 10
Zone number: 10
Date created: around in 2001
Network "theme": IBBS games (small messages net)
Network website: http://time.synchro.net:81/l10l.ssjs
Notes: Right now there's an application form in the info pack as the web one
            hasn't even been started yet, but its address is
            http://time.synchro.net:81/l10a.ssjs. This network is both
            FTN and QWK enabled.

*** LinuxNet (FTN)
Network's full name: LinuxNet
Zone number: 110
Network "theme": Linux support
Network website: http://www.kofobbs.dk/linuxnet/
Contact for more info: Gert Koefoed Andersen @ 2:236/150

*** MetroNet (FTN)
Network's full name: MetroNet
Zone number: 25
Date created: March 1994
Network "theme": General/official Renegade BBS support
Contact for more info: T.J. McMillen @ 1:129/305 or telnet://ttb.slyip.com
Notes: Always looking for new nodes and new people to talk with! Come
            join the fun!

*** Micronet (FTN)
Network's full name: Micronet Information Network (Micronet)
Zone number: 618
Date created: 1 September 2000
Network "theme": General
Network website: http://nsbbs.info/micronet.html
Contact for more info: Sean Dennis @ 1:18/200 or hausmaus@darktech.org
Notes: A small, friendly FTN network. We specialize in shooting the breeze,
            poking at each other with small sharp sticks occasionally and sharing
            many years of combined knowledge about computers, BBSing, ham radio
            and even relationships! (Meaning we're laid back and have fun.)

*** Pascal-Net (FTN)
Network's full name: Pascal-Net
Zone number: 115
Network "theme": Pascal programming
Network website: http://www.pascalnet.org
Contact for more info: Gert Koefoed Andersen @ 2:236/150

*** SciNet (FTN)
Network's full name: SciNet
Zone number: 77
Date created: 1 Dec 2008
Network "theme": BBS Scene
Contact for more info: netsurge@bbs.diskshop.ca

*** Sysops' TechNet (FTN)
Network's full name: Sysop's TechNet
Zone number: 111
Network "theme": Sysop support
Network website: http://www.sysoptech.net
Contact for more info: Gert Koefoed Andersen @ 2:236/150

*** UnknownNet (FTN)
Network's full name: UnknownNet
Zone number: 666
Date created: May 2000
Network "theme": General
Contact for more info: Shawn Highfield @ 1:229/452
Notes: A network started by Tiny's BBS and The Unknown Realm BBS for
            general chatting/testing and IBBS games (which we never bothered
            with). Now have a QWK node as well.

*** WeatherNet (FTN/QWK)
Network's full name: WeatherNet
Zone number: 36
Network "theme": Weather/general
Network website (if available):
Contact for more info: Matt Kraner @ 1:226/160

*** WSN (FTN)
Network's full name: Wildcat Support Network
Zone number: 80
Date created: Oct 2008
Network "theme": Wildcat/WINS
Contact for more info: www.thirdrockbbs.com
Notes: Seems to be down right now due to hardware failure.

*** Xpresit Net (FTN/QWK)
Network's full name: Xpresit Net
Zone number: 782
Date created: 1994
Network "theme": "Free speech"/general
Network website: http://www.xpresit.net

*** Zer0Net (FTN)
Network's full name: Zer0Net
Zone number: 911
Date created: 1990
Network "theme": BBS modding/hacking/anarchy
Network website: http://www.demonic.net/zeronet/
Contact for more info: Jack Phlash (jp_at_demonic.net)
Notes: A friendly,tight knit group of old school bbs modders. Applications
            are subject to approval from the network administrator. Must have
            a unique modded system and not be a "message network collector".

Total networks listed: 22


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Network "theme":
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This list is compiled by Sean Dennis. No copyright is assumed, but all of
the network information is property of and therefore automatically copyrighted
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