Time Warp of the Future BBS

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Here is the Dates & Times this BBS goes down - If longer then 15 mins

(other then widows updates times & monday re-boot \ bbs updates)

Date Down Time Down Date Up Back Up Reason
12/24/08 3:24 pm 12/26/08 8:57 pm Power went off - at the power line level
12/4/17 12:00 pm? 12/18/17 7:00 pm? bbs computer died (h-d / motherboard was ok) had to move to a new home (under a VM) that was setup for it
1/31/18 11:45 am 1/31/18 2:02 pm computer upgreads (had a small problem after I re-booted the computer)
2/18/18 about 11 am 2/19/18 5:00 pm? had computer software problems

All Times Pacific

Last UpDate 2/19/18