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Here a bunch of sbbs files links

sbbs 3.13a (from Vertrauen) or sbbs 3.13a (from here)

sbbs 3.14a (from Vertrauen) or sbbs 3.14a (from here)

scfg 3.14a (from Vertrauen) or scfg 3.14a (from here)

sbbsecho (from Vertrauen) or sbbsecho (from here)

sbbs 3.15b (from Vertrauen) or sbbs 3.15b (from here)

sbbs 3.16c Fresh installation package (from Vertrauen) or sbbs 3.16c Fresh installation package (from here)

sbbs 3.16c Upgrade from v3.15 or v3.16 (development builds) (from Vertrauen)
or sbbs 3.16c Upgrade from v3.15 or v3.16 (development builds) (from here)

sbbs 3.17b Fresh installation package (from Vertrauen) or sbbs 3.17b Fresh installation package (from here)

Synchronet v3.17b for Windows, UPGRADE Jan-1-2019 (from Vertrauen)
or Synchronet v3.17b for Windows, UPGRADE Jan-1-2019 (from here)

sexpots.zip (from Vertrauen) or sexpots.zip (from here)

sexyz174.zip (from Vertrauen) or sexyz174.zip (from here)

cioxtrn.zip (from Vertrauen) or cioxtrn.zip (from here)

fseditor.js (from Vertrauen) and fseditor.txt (from Vertrauen)
or get them both in this file : fseditor.txt & fseditor.js (from here)

The SBBS CVS Repository is at http://cvs.synchro.net/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/

Synchronet CVS Commit Log

Rob's Synchronet To-Do List

Here is a drawing program, that was made by DM & Dunce, for sbbs, SyncDraw

From the Readme.txt in sbbs314a.zip

7. Unzip WEB.ZIP into your WEB directory, overwriting existing files.

     Note: The default web 'root' directory has been changed in this release
     from web/html to web/root. You will need to update the "RootDirectory"
     value in the [web] section of your ctrl/sbbs.ini file to reflect this.

From the SBBS Announce :

So you want to play with the latest and greatest Synchronet code from CVS, but
you're running Windows and have no idea how to compile and link the C/C++
source code?

Now if you want the sbbs 3.17 (very beta) (windows version) one :
Well, if you're a risk-taker, you can try the daily snapshot now available at

This is the lastest Linux version ftp://vert.synchro.net/Synchronet/sbbs_src.tgz

There's no guarantee the executables in this archive will work, so be sure to
backup your current working exectuables (*.exe and *.dll) first!

Want to know what's different from v3.14a (or whatever version you happen to be
running)? See http://cvs.synchro.net/commitlog.ssjs for the development history.

                                                                                        digital man (xbox-live: digitlman)

for xp (home or pro.) or win. 2000, you need to do the following :

from : tcpip_faq.html

What inbound ports do I need to open in my firewall?

Depends on which Synchronet servers and services you wish to make available
to Internet clients and which ports you have configured those servers and
services to listen on.

The default Synchronet installation enables servers and services on the following ports:
Protocol TCP UDP Comments
Telnet 23 - For Telnet logins (highly recommended)
SSH 22 - For SecureShell logins (recommended)
RLogin 513 - Optional for quick-login from RLogin clients (e.g. SyncTerm)
SMTP 25 - Necessary for receiving Internet e-mail and inter-BBS instant messages
Submission 587 - Necessary for user to send Internet e-mail through the BBS from a standard e-mail client
POP3 110 - Allows BBS users to check their e-mail using standard Internet mail clients (e.g. Outlook Express)
FTP 21 - Allows access to the BBS file/download areas using a standard FTP client or web browser
HTTP 80 - Required for access to the BBS's web server
NNTP 119 - Allows BBS users to read and post messages using standard news readers/clients
Gopher 70 - Archaic protocol allows reading of messages and other BBS info
IRC 6667 - Allows Internet Relay Chat (IRC) clients to connect to your BBS
Finger 79 79 Allows remote querying of BBS user info, who's online, and other BBS info
SYSTAT 11 11 Allows remote querying of who's online (aka Active Users)
QOTD 17 17 Allows remote querying of the current auto-message (aka Quote Of The Day)
MSP 18 18 Allows incoming inter-BBS instant messages without SMTP connectivity

Enabling connectivity to Synchronet through your firewall is no different than enabling connectivity to any other TCP/IP server. Follow your firewall documentation for forwarding or opening ports for TCP/IP servers located "behind" the firewall. Your firewall may have the option of placing the entire BBS computer in a "DMZ" (opening all its ports to the public Internet), but doing so is not normally recommended.
from sbbscon.txt :

3. Initializing the SBBSCTRL Environment Variable
For Windows NT-based operating systems, goto the Windows Control Panel->
System->Advanced->Environment Variables->System Variables->New...
      Variable:                 SBBSCTRL
      Variable Value:      c:\sbbs\ctrl
      (replace c:\sbbs\ctrl with the full path to your ctrl directory)

for xp & 7 & 8 & 8.1 & 10 : put a copy of pkzip.exe & pkunzip.exe in your
\windows\system & \windows\system32 dir.

for 2000 : put a copy of pkzip.exe & pkunzip.exe in your
\winnt\system & \winnt\system32 dir.

sbbsexec.dll must be in the System32 directory for Windows Vista & Windows 7 & 8 & 8.1 & 10 (if installing 3.16c full it will be put there)

for scfg :

in the timed event (scfg -Timed Events - Timed Events - (any event) -

Native (32-bit) Executable & Use Shell to Execute set to yes

To build a linux sbbs, here the link to UNIX Installation - Synchronet

and to add dosemu stuff you need to add to : /etc/apt# pico sources.list
deb-src http://security.debian.org/ jessie/updates main
deb http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian stretch main contrib